An 'ELLE' Lettres Readers' Prize Winner

British Book Industry Award Finalist.

'This stunning debut...has the propulsion of a thriller.'


'Hamer's book is a moving, voice-driven narrative. As much an examination of loss and anxiety as it is a gripping page-turner, it ll appeal to anyone captivated by child narrators or analyses of the pains and joys of motherhood.'

Huffington Post 

'Riveting. Worth the hype.'

Book Riot 


'[A]spectacular debut Telling the story in two remarkable voices, with Beth's chapters unfurling in past tense and Carmel's in present tense, the author weaves a page-turning narrative. The trajectories of the novel's two leads through despair, hope, and redemption are believable and nuanced, resulting in a morally complex, haunting read.'

Publishers Weekly, starred review


'Reading this novel is a test of how fast you can turn pages.' 

Library Journal, starred review

'Poignantly details the loss and loneliness of a mother and daughter separated...Fast-paced ... Hamer beautifully renders pain, exactly capturing the evisceration of loss...Exquisite prose surrounding a mother and daughter torn apart.'

Kirkus Reviews


Amazon Book Description

A stand-out debut, THE GIRL IN THE RED COAT is the page-turning and hugely moving story of an abduction that will appeal to fans of THE LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS, ROOM and THE SNOW CHILD.

'A sensuous retelling of Sleeping Beauty.

Kate Hamer's sentences are like miniature portraits: vivid arrangements of words that conjure up place with a magicians legerdemain. This, her second novel, is sent in the Forest of Dean, which comes alive under her pen and luxuriates in its strangeness'.

Sarah Crowe, The Sunday Telegraph

'Hamer's ability to conjure an atmosphere is certainly powerful. Particularly resonant is her portrait of the beauty and menace of the Forest of Dean'.

Rebecca Nicholson, The Sunday Times.

'What holds the novel together is the tremendous momentum of the story itself, which gathers pace with every page, hooking you into its strangeness and keeping you hooked until the very last word. As an exploration of the hold exerted on us by the past, The Doll Funeral is entirely successful, and for Ruby, the call of the dead ultimately brings understanding'.

Rebecca Abrams, Financial Times.

'Written with poetic lightness, it's as compelling as it is unsettling'.

Sarah Hughes, Heat Magazine

'Her writing is as a vivid, nasty and beautiful as a bruise'.

Claire Allfree, Metro.

'Hamer writes with great skill and emotional depth - about the confusions of adolescence and identity, the bond between mothers and daughters and the redemptive power of love'. Hannah Beckerman, Observer.

BBC Radio 4 Open Book - editors Pick 29th Jan



Bookseller - Book on the Month Feb 17

Amazon Book Description

The dark and glittering new novel from The Sunday Times Bestselling author Kate Hamer is the perfect second book from the author of The Girl in the Red Coat.


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Kate was interviewed by Rachel Carney about The Doll Funeral and how it came about. Read Rachel's Interview here.

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Hamer (The Girl in the Red Coat, 2015) has created a mystical world in which characters are haunted by specters of their present as well as their past, by the living and the lost. Her diction is lovely and tangible; describing the heightening frequency of Ruby’s experiences with specters, she writes, “the skin of this world was thinning hour by hour so you could look through it like the papery bit of an onion.”


A powerful paranormal novel.

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